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about us.

Grand Harmony Music Studios was founded in 2010 with just one motive : 

Bringing out the Musician inside every person.

Every person on this planet has music inside them and the potential to become a great musician. We are simply here to show you your potential and help you discover you “Inner Musician.”

We have the most unique programmes to help you do this in the most effective way and live your dreams!






Our focus.

Some of the perks for Grand Harmony Students.
Time-Efficient Learning

We all know that our most precious resource in the current world is Time! We value yours and you learn quick.

Goal-Oriented Programmes

Want to be a musician in just 6 months while you're still a beginner now? Well, you've come to the right place.

Music Bands

If you always wanted to be in your own band. Now's the time. We make you join our student bands and perform for audiences.

Widen your Musical Knowledge

With Audio Visual Classes and other interactive sessions we make sure your knowledge grows well past your instrument or voice alone.


Our team.

Passionate Trainers from all streams of music










I’m thrilled by the revolutionary idea of Grand Harmony’s new system of music education. It has changed the way music is taught to people in a completely creative and interactive way. All it takes is one demo class to recognize the benefits. 


Founder, Little Pong School


Why Select Us?

Benefits of joining Grand Harmony

One to One Classes

Apart from group classes, we have private sessions for students who want to progress in a rapid pace with individual attention from the trainers.


Practice Jam Sessions

We have regular practice and jamming sessions apart from the usual classes. You get to play and interact with a wide range of musicians. And ultimately perform on a stage.


Passionate Teachers

Our trainers are professionals from live music bands and recording session artists who also make time to teach and make new musicians out of pure passion for the art. 

Smart Experience

We use the latest technology to make sure our students are learning in a fun effective way. Our in-house studio has the latest recording tech to help students understand music better.

Small-Sized Group Classes

We restrict our group classes to just 4 Students in a batch. To make sure quality in learning and attention to all students we always avoid over-cluttering class rooms.

Vibrant Ambience

Our facility was designed and well-made to bring out a creative ambience for students to be comfortable and inspired to earning the delicate art of music. Come check it out for yourself.

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Music is already inside you and we discover it for you.

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