No other instrument in the last five decades has been able to capture the imagination of popular culture and music in the way the guitar has. It’s ability to encompass and animate almost every style of popular musical expression from the lilting romantic ballad, to the dark, angst-driven metal riff, makes the guitar a vital component in almost all forms of contemporary music.

Intrinsic to the guitar’s versatility, is the fact that it is able to combine the three musical pillars of melody, harmony and rhythm, with ease and to great effect. And with the growing synergies between newer guitar designs and emerging technologies, guitar players have been able to use the instrument, to shape the voice of their generation in remarkably fresh ways. From Jimi Hendrix’s incendiary celebration of freedom at Woodstock, to Yngwie Malmsteen’s warp-speed re-imagination of classical influences in a rock idiom, or Kurt Cobain’s tortured rock evocation of postmodern despair, the guitar today has become integral to breaking new musical ground.

When you learn guitar, you’ll play some great music that ranges widely from classical to contemporary. Its great fun to use the backing tracks. The syllabus for exams has carefully chosen songs that improve the technical aspects of playing, and build your skills as you progress through the grades.

The exams give you invaluable experience of planning and working on a repertoire, which in turn will boost your confidence, when you are learning guitar.


PROGRAMS: Foundation 1  / Foundation 2