Singing / Vocal Training

In many ways, the human voice is possibly the most remarkable instrument of all. Aside of the fact that everyone has one, the individual voice is quintessentially unique, differing from any other in myriad subtle ways. As the most immediate form of expression available to us, the voice is able to express emotions of pain, sadness, joy or anger with a sensitivity and intuitiveness that is arguably unmatched by any other external instrument.

This, coupled with its ability to carry human language within a musical structure, has ensured that singers continue to be at the center of all musical progress. And the fact that singers have put it to work in almost every musical form or genre ever invented is a significant indicator of the voice’s incredible versatility. However like every other instrumentalist, the singer needs education, practice and constant care to develop the latent potential within his/ her voice. With the right principles in place and a disciplined approach towards achieving mastery, the trained voice is capable of exploring musical possibilities that may not be evident to an untrained singer.

The vocal training curriculum is quite intense, combining classroom experiences with performance opportunities at every level, and challenge the students to become mature artists, capable of making their own impression in music.

PROGRAMS: Foundation 1  / Foundation 2