RockStar Music Contest

These are the Rules and Regulations for the RockStar Music Contest!


– Contest will be held on 3rd of August 2019 (Saturday).

– Pre-registration is advised either on website or provided phone number (not both).

– Spot Registrations will open at 9am.

– The Venue is Grand Square Mall in Velachery.

– Only Singing, Keyboard (Piano), Guitar and Violin are allowed this year.

– Singers can perform in any Language.

– Participants can perform in any style. (Carnatic, Western, Hindustani, etc)

– The Winners will get an opportunity to audition for recordings with a Music Director in the film industry.

– Age Groups [3-12  /  13-16 /  18 and above]

– Participants will be judged purely on performances so your passion is enough to enter not formal training.

– Reg fee – 200/- (Fully Redeemable in the event)

– Decision of Jury is final.

– There will be 3 Rounds. (Prelims, Semi-Finals and Finals)

– Piano will be provided by us but other instruments (Guitar, Violin) should be from participants.

– Be prepared with 3 set of performances. (If selected to further rounds)

– Keyboard beats and any kind of automated sounds and rhythms will be disqualified.

– Prelims will need a  1 minute performance.

– Semifinals will have 3 minute performance and Finals 5 Minutes.

– Semi-Finals and Finals will have full length songs.

– Karaoke tracks can be used for rounds 2 and 3 only for Singing. Round 1 will be solo performance.

– Participants cannot be accompanied by another person during the performance.

– Results will be announced around 7pm.